[CT Birds] Konolds Pond update. Trumpeter Swan: no. Great Blue Heron: yes.

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Mon Mar 23 19:21:00 EDT 2015

3/23/15: in Woodbridge: Konolds Pond is now about half-open.  It has been
partially open the past few weeks and I have paid several visits there.  The
Trumpeter Swan has not returned, as yet.  As many of you know, a pair showed
up there in early 2011 (perhaps the same pair that was seen in Cranberry Bog
Pond in Stratford in 2010).  Presumably the same pair returned to Konolds in
2012 and 2013 and last year a single bird spent several weeks in the pond.
One or a pair may yet show up in the days ahead.  Today was the first day
that I saw Great Blue Herons on the nests there.  There were three birds on
separate nests. They seemed to be at work rebuilding and repairing their
nests.  Last year, there were 7-8 pairs of GBH nesting in the trees on the
island in the pond.  Additional birds at the pond today included:  ~ 200
Ring-necked Duck, 12 Wood Duck, one drake Bufflehead, 4 Common Merganser, 6
Hooded Merganser as well as a pair of Mute Swan, Mallards, and Black Duck.
A Common Raven was observed carrying food up to the ridge (presumably to its
mate on its nest).  


Chris Loscalzo


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