[CT Birds] Northford/Guilford/Madison Birds

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Thu Mar 26 14:52:58 EDT 2015

From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
03/26/15 - as follows:
Northford, Route 22, fields opposite Old Forest Road, north and south sections (9:30 A.M.-10:05 A.M.) — Snow Goose (seen in flight with group of Canada Geese), Greater White-fronted Goose (on ground with 85 Canada Geese opposite south section of Old Forest Road), Killdeer (4), Wood Ducks (pair), Wild Turkey (17), Red-tailed Hawk, Mallards (27).
Madison, East Wharf Beach (12:25 P.M.-12:40 P.M.) — 17 Bonaporte’s Gulls, most ducks obscured by advancing fog.
Guilford, Shell Beach marshes (1:00 P.M.-1:20 P.M.) - Snowy Egret, 4 Killdeer, most ducks obscured by advancing fog.

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