[CT Birds] Tufted duck not located today in Old Saybrook

JOHN OGREN northernrail at comcast.net
Mon Mar 30 18:34:24 EDT 2015

3/30 The female tufted duck found by Greg and Tina yesterday and subsequently found and photographed by Anders and myself shortly after was not found this afternoon.  I checked North Cove at about 3PM today-no Tufted and no Scaup at all. Canvas back was still there with a bunch of Gadwall, Blacks, Mallards, and Buffleheads and the one odd looking Horned Grebe.2 big groups of Scaup were in CT River visible from the old Dock n Dine. Closest group did not have the Tufted. The other group about 300 yards further away and upstream was too far away to identify. As reported by Greg Hanisek, this bird has little or no white on or about the base of the bill, making it a dead give away when compared to the other females.This does not mean it won't be in North Cove at another tide or time-I have found that the these guys move in and out of the coves and rivers. We have had 2 or more Red-Necked Grebes spotted between Saybrook, the river, and Old Lyme recently. A group of 10-12 male Surf Scoters, 1 Long Tail, a few of both Loons were also present in the river today.John Ogren

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