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Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Tue Mar 31 17:09:20 EDT 2015

Wilton I believe can anyone tell me what happened to the water and where the pond went. It's downright nasty since I remember it very picturesque with the lillys and various ducks. There is open water and today there were at least 10 pairs of hoodies numerous females, mallards and one snowy egret and I think I counted 6 possibly 7 blue herons.

??? Does the town drain the pond for any reason and if so will they somehow refill it. And will the wood ducks return.

Thank you.

New Milford kevin
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

Sherwood Island osprey on nest/platform by nature center chased off by a second osprey  ... mate not sure then gulls. After 30 minutes of waiting neither returned. The nest in the west beach area I found female sitting in the grass no sign of the male she then flew to a tree near the trails then to the post then to points unknown. For over an hour nothing ... then the female returned landed on the post .... next the male .... landed on nest .... female invited him for friendship (twice) evidently he had a headache since he wasn't interested .... her attitude then get off my nest. He headed east and moments later she departed.

I don't know what the waterways around that nest are called but I photographed 6 yellowlegs not sure if greater or lesser though. Looking at my Nat Geo guide I think they were in breeding & winter plummage. Should look at the captures and see if the bill is turned up at all.

That's all floks !!!!!

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