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     Last year, the Town of Wilton decided to get rid of the Water Lillies 
which had grown voluminously in the warm and shallow waters of Horseshoe 
Pond.  A company was retained to chemically treat the plants which had 
immediate visible results.  Step two of the eradication program was to draw 
down the water in the approximately 6 acre pond over the winter to let the 
frost get to the roots of the Lillies.  This alone should have worked very 
well  !  The visible tree stumps are the remainder of the former swamp 
before the dam was built.  I will inquire further, but I expect the spillway 
boards to be replaced soon to let the pond fill up again.
     The Great Egret has left, but there are now 8 Great Blue Herons there 
as of 5:30 pm.

Mike Warner
Wilton, Ct.

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> Wilton I believe can anyone tell me what happened to the water and where 
> the pond went. It's downright nasty since I remember it very picturesque 
> with the lillys and various ducks. There is open water and today there 
> were at least 10 pairs of hoodies numerous females, mallards and one snowy 
> egret and I think I counted 6 possibly 7 blue herons.
> ??? Does the town drain the pond for any reason and if so will they 
> somehow refill it. And will the wood ducks return.
> Thank you.
> New Milford kevin
> Kevindoyle01 at charter.net
> Sherwood Island osprey on nest/platform by nature center chased off by a 
> second osprey ... mate not sure then gulls. After 30 minutes of waiting 
> neither returned. The nest in the west beach area I found female sitting 
> in the grass no sign of the male she then flew to a tree near the trails 
> then to the post then to points unknown. For over an hour nothing ... then 
> the female returned landed on the post .... next the male .... landed on 
> nest .... female invited him for friendship (twice) evidently he had a 
> headache since he wasn't interested .... her attitude then get off my 
> nest. He headed east and moments later she departed.
> I don't know what the waterways around that nest are called but I 
> photographed 6 yellowlegs not sure if greater or lesser though. Looking at 
> my Nat Geo guide I think they were in breeding & winter plummage. Should 
> look at the captures and see if the bill is turned up at all.
> That's all floks !!!!!
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