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Thu Apr 2 23:11:47 EDT 2015

Even though others are reporting returned Ospreys in Milford, still no sign of "my" Ospreys this morning. When I came back home at 1:30, I heard the distressed-chick-sounding calls and looked up-two Ospreys!  My pair returned! Wait! Four Ospreys, the chicks must have come back with them. That's not going to work...Wait- six Ospreys, all flying in broad circles centered around the nest on the cell tower, like some maypole rite of spring.  Upon closer inspection with the binoculars, they all appear to be males (in the bright sun, bright white breasts with no necklaces).  Wait- one of them is a Red-tail Hawk, with translucent windows in his wings, which makes no sense, so disregard since that tail was glowing really really red. A few gulls seemed to be flying around and around also.
The Ospreys flew in and out and round and around, vocalizing the while, and making close passes over the nest. I saw individuals hovering but not alighting a dozen times. Once one of them hung his legs down and hovered for about 5 seconds about a foot above the nest, but then flew away instead. I only saw one of them alight on the nest for a brief instant. They flew around and about for 4 hours or so, chirping!  Much excitement at being back, it seems. Anybody else ever see a whole kettle of returning Ospreys checking out a nest? Meanwhile, in the budding crab apple tree in my yard, the Goldfinch and Junco were singing their spring songs. At dusk, no sign of any Osprey. Not sleeping at the nest.
So friends, go to "Osprey Nation 2015" and get an Osprey nest of your own to monitor, and share the excitement!
Winie Wirth, Milford

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