[CT Birds] Osprey watch day 2&3

wirthwitte at att.net wirthwitte at att.net
Sat Apr 4 21:22:10 EDT 2015

First day back- 6 osprey circling the cell phone tower nest all afternoon. 
Day 2 -a foggy, rainy day. Two Osprey sitting on the cell phone tower at 10:30 am, quietly preening, presumably a male and female, presumably last year's parents. Then at 1:30, a third osprey showed up, flew around, vocalizing. He landed on the nest and one of the sitting osprey flew off. This exchange happened multiple times. Also, close fly-bys, with the nest osprey flying out and sort of shouldering the interloper aside. More a battle of intimidation than assault. This went on for several hours. Later in the afternoon, 3 more osprey showed up and joined in the circling. At dusk, in a deep fog, the 2 osprey could be heard at the nest softly vocalizing.
Day 3- chilly, cloudy to partly sunny day, brisk wind. No sign of any osprey all day.
-Winie, Milford

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