[CT Birds] rough winged swallows and more

Mike VanValen mikefuture95 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 16:49:42 EDT 2015

I've been seeing an enormous flock of swallows in the past 2 weeks or so. They are located in Norwalk along route 7, behind the Midas (across from Stop & Shop) and all the way down to the Merritt 7 building which runs along the Norwalk river. I heard them vocalizing last week and was able to identify them as northern rough-winged swallows. Today there were well over 100 birds flying in the same area. Since eBird claimed that 40 birds was a "high count", I am curious if this enormous flock is considered unusual. It would be great if someone could swing by there with binoculars and see if it's all rough-wings or if maybe some tree swallows are also present. Also today, 12 cedar waxwings in the top of a small tree bordering the stop & shop parking lot.
Mike Van ValenNorwalk



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