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Me too, two GBH honking (or barking?) to each other over Niantic yard Sunday!This morning lesser yellowlegs, glossy ibis, bald eagle, snowy egrets, great egrets, kingfishers and lots more at Rocky Neck.Glorious time of year.
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Ernie: How do your Colchester deck sightings compare to your Bolton deck
sightings in terms of variety of species?

I saw a pair of great blue herons flying over my house one morning this
week. That's the first time I have seen two together. They were honking to
each other.

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4/11/15- Colchester Deck- 6:30-7:30AM- FOY : Louisiana  Waterthrush,Eastern
Phoebe, Common Loon (FO), Wood Duck ( pr. in woods), Great Blue Heron (FO),
Palm Warbler. (21 species).  Ernie


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