[CT Birds] MP ospreys SP kestrel

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Tue Apr 14 21:32:47 EDT 2015

Brief stopover at Milford Point found the male osprey chowing down with a fish on the guard post presumably with the female sitting on eggs. For roughly 1/2 hour the male ate then when ready took the remains to the nest. A very well timed transfer took place with the female appearing to have been asleep ....ruffled her feathers then departed to the guard post to finish what was left for her.

Startford Point most positive 2 kestrels flying in the grass in the area around the light house ... lost sight of them as the headed back towards the parking area. Dead low tide with several groups of scaups floating SE .... While following the outside trail spotted the kestrel perched on top of the purple martin pole. Made my way to the porch were numerous captures were had of it landing then flying and hovering to several other locations. Patrick Commings (hope name spelled right) confirmed for me that it was the female. I mentioned that I saw 2 ... so he said to me ... I hope it was the male. Time will tell.

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