[CT Birds] Oyster River Mew Gull (s)? 2 for CT?

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Thu Apr 16 10:43:26 EDT 2015

Interesting surprise! Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the mouth of  
the Oyster River on my way home from Southport. There were approx. 350  
Bonaparte's Gulls on the edge of the low tide sandbar about 300 yards  
out. They were mixed with about 200 mostly Ring-billed Gulls. About  
halfway out I located an adult Little Gull in one of the groups of  
roosting Gulls, which I then reported. Right after that, a clammer  
walked out closer to the Gulls and at least a third of them flew out  
into Long Island Sound heading northwest around the point heading  
towards the breakwaters. I eventually walked closer, but I couldn't  
locate the Little Gull. As I always do, I photograph the flocks so I  
can look through the images later after I download them.

I left and was nearly home when I received a call from Nick. He said  
that he spotted a Mew Gull....figures, It came in 30 minutes after I  
left!! :^) (You can read Nick's report from yesterday)

This morning when I downloaded my images, I found the Mew Gull! I had  
captured it in a few shots, first flying off with a group of  
Bonaparte's Gulls and then coming back in and landing on the sand  
bar....right in front of me! I was so focused on looking for a Litte  
Gull, I never thought to look for Mew Gulls!

However, this Mew Gull appears to be very different than the Gull  
found by Mayn Hipp and Mike Warner and posted by Stefan Martin on the  
NA Gulls page. Also possibly different than the one Nick  
found.....maybe 2 different Mew Gull subspecies? That would be quite a  
CT birding event!!

We will keep everyone updated.

Keith Mueller

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