[CT Birds] Hawk? Eagle? on Trout Brook Blvd. in West Hartford

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 17:53:26 EDT 2015

Spent quite a while watching a very large raptor, up close with binox, as
it perched nonchalantly on a telephone pole along a busy road. It was
watching bird activity in a small, very overgrown stream.  At first I
thought it could be a young bald eagle.  Over the years we have seen many
adults swooping along the length of the larger stream. This bird was huge,
with a large, heavy dark bill on an overall brown head, no streaks or eye
stripes.. Back a medium to dark brown. Tail two shades of brown, two or
three horizontal bars, a short, thick tail, not a long skinny tail like a
Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned. Absolutely no rusty speckles on breast, which
was mostly bright white with some scattered darker brown flecks. Nothing
gray either. From the back, bright white "pants" fanned out on either side
of the tail.   Bright yellow eyes. Never did see the legs -- if they were
bright yellow, that would have helped!  Neither my Sibley's, nor Audubons,
nor Peterson has nailed it.

Katherine Kuckens

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