[CT Birds] Siskins continue. - interesting calls

Fran fzygmont at charter.net
Fri Apr 17 18:59:16 EDT 2015

Barkhamsted yard - With the majority of our 80+ Winter siskins gone, the remainders (~15)  dwindle to about 6 around 7pm (some still visit the feeder). 

I'm listening to their calls at 7pm and there are occasional snippets of redpoll/red crossbill harsh "chets" and an interesting upward, repeated call (10x or so) sounding very close to a Sora!  I've heard the former but not the latter. 

Maybe my shelled sunflower will keep at least a pair around to breed this year. However with daily bear visits it's not likely I'll keep them up. 

- Fran 

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