[CT Birds] Hamden Purple Finch and Brown Creeper

Florence McBride michael.mcbride at yale.edu
Sat Apr 18 21:27:25 EDT 2015

4/18, Hamden:  
	- 7:25 am, Purple Finch singing in a tree at the Ingram St. cul-de-sac (near Johnson's Pond and the north end of Lake Whitney).
 	- About 11 am, Spruce Bank Road:  Brown Creeper collecting nesting material, and apparently going into a crevice in a dead snag; at the edge of the crevice it tugged at and collected what looked like a very thin strip of the tree's wood.  Wish I'd had a scope with me to get a closer look.  I was not happy to see a female cowbird hanging around persistently in the area where the creeper was active, and wonder how often and how successfully cowbirds try to lay eggs in creeper nests.

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