[CT Birds] Hammonasset Fees

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 20 00:42:46 EDT 2015

Indeed it is a colossal insult to Ct residents and out of state visitors
To charge a full price fee to enter a park that first off, Has limited
Access to parking and major grass area's blocked off. 
The west beach paved parking area has a large debris field of rock
And none of the bathrooms are open. There are none of the seasonal
 " Park Rangers " patrolling the park. The audacity of the state is alarming.
Not one penny of all the gate fees and campground fees go back into the park.
As is disappointingly evident in all area's of the park. The signage is old and
Unreadable ( As in the marsh area's keep out signs ) The sign on Rt 1 is a mess. Why the state of Ct chose to abandon it's state parks is a bewildering to me.And that is exactly what has happened..It has been happening as long that I Have been in Ct, 15 years. Such a dramatic and stark contrast ( Caution may be disturbing to some who view it )Would be how New York takes care of and infuses funds and year round maintenanceAt their parks, Most notably the Long Island waterfront parks. I visited Orient Beach State Park on April 4th this year. When I compared Hammonasset toOrient Beach I was sickened.....As all of Ct should be.. View these photo's and contact the State and inquire why they neglect and abandon their parks. It is disgusting. The " Comfort Station" at OBST is open all winter and is heated, Hot water, all automaticHands free flushing, Soap dispensing, hand sanitizer, hot air hand dryers. Dogs are NOT PERMITTED YEAR ROUND. This policy applies to all of the shoreline and most ofAll State, County and town beaches and parks. You will also not see model airplanes, para glidersPeople with metal detectors digging up the beach and grass.  The state of Ct purports Hammonasset to be the  " Premier state park "  Or  " The crowned jewel of Ct parks "Nothing could be farther from the truth...Like everything else the state says, Is a lie...Fools Gold...     WARNING MAY BE DISTURBING TO MOST VIEWERS !!!!!!!                                 https://www.flickr.com/photos/jkat60/


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