[CT Birds] Sterling yard - Fish Crows

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Mon Apr 20 15:24:53 EDT 2015

>From Robert Dixon
4/20/15 - Sterling yard.
In April of 2006 we recorded our first Fish Crow for the yard (a single vocal flyover). In the previous 19 years we had none. We now observe this species annually in April and May, always single vocal flyovers. Yesterday a vocal pair hung around the yard in the morning eventually landing briefly in the yard.  Today the pair returned to the yard and one flew down to investigate the raw suet feeder. Cool stuff! A common species for many parts of the state but still uncommon here in Sterling (the nearest sizeable population, that I know of, is in Lisbon). They seem to be following an expansion similar to that of Black Vulture (we had our first in 2004) and are now observed quite regularly here. So I suspect I will be seeing many more Fish Crows.

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