[CT Birds] Posting from Yahoo

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Apr 21 12:02:15 EDT 2015

This is meant for those using Yahoo (or AT&T/Yahoo) for email, but for all I know in some way it might turn out to apply to others.

Yahoo email's window where we compose messages gained a new "feature" recently.  When I paste a URL link into a message instead of just showing the text of the link a whole box appears with a picture of the web page.  If I leave that box there the link will be lost when CTBirds strips the message down to plain text.  I believe that is what happened to Frank Mantlik's message a few minutes ago.

There are two ways to prevent that.  One is that the box has an X in the corning; click on the X and the box is removed, leaving just the link.  The second alternative I see is down at the bottom (on my AT&T version of Yahoo mail at least) where there are a row of symbols related to formatting the email.  Toward the right-hand end there is a button marked "<<".  Clicking that switches the message to Plain Text, which is all CTBirds accepts.  It also removes all those symbols relating to text formatting.  It does leave the reverse symbol ">>" which brings back the formatting tools.

I hope that helps someone.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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