[CT Birds] Today's Gull report

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Tue Apr 21 13:45:13 EDT 2015

For those interested in chasing Gulls this afternoon and tonight-

I started the morning at 7:15 am in the fog at the West Haven boat  
ramp still hoping for the Thayer's Gull Julian found Sunday afternoon.  
Low tide was at 8:00 am. When I arrived at the boat ramp there were  
zero Gulls there!

I then drove down to Oyster River stopping at Bradley Point but only  
found 24 Gulls, so I continued to Oyster River. The tide was nearly  
low and about 36 Gulls were standing on the outer sand bar in the fog.  
In the group was a stunning adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL. Gulls  
started building slowly coming in from off the Sound. Also there were  
21 Green-winged Teal, 50 Brant, 11 Greater Yellowlegs, 2  
Oystercatchers, and 1 Red-throated Loon (winter plumage) swimming up  
the shallow drainage creek that splits the sand bar. Half the Gulls  
took off and flew out into the fog (including the LBBG) and the other  
half grouped up at the outer sand bar.

I drove back to the boat ramp, but stopped at Bradley Point since the  
Gull numbers were increasing, as well as the Brant numbers. Nothing  
unusual there. At the boat ramp there were 30 Gulls with the  
continuing 1st cycle ICELAND GULL. I stayed for a while and then  
reversed my trip to Oyster River where I found most of the Gulls had  
flown off with the now incoming tide.

I then went back to the boat ramp again stopping at Bradley Point  
where the Gull numbers and Brant continued to increase, plus a dozen  
Scaup and 17 Green-winged Teal on the sand bar with the Brant and  
Gulls. Off shore, I noticed a large flock of Cormorants coming out of  
the fog from out in the Sound heading into New Haven Harbor.

As I pulled into the boat ramp, the Cormorants were on the water in a  
feeding frenzy off the northern tip of Sandy Point. There must have  
been a large school of baitfish because it attracted at least a  
hundred Gulls joining in the feeding frenzy. In that group I spotted  
2- 1st cycle ICELAND GULLS. The Gulls soon dispersed and vanished!  
Most headed out of the Harbor, and a good number landing on the end of  
Sandy Point.

I headed back to Oyster River again stopping at Bradley  
Point....nothing unusual. Nothing at Oyster River at this point either!

I decided to drive down to Southport Beach. When I arrived I spotted a  
small group of roosting Gulls where they usually are on the sand bar.  
I pulled out my scope, looked through them quickly (mostly Herring and  
Ring-billed) and 9 Bonaparte's Gulls. They all took off within a  
minute of my being there as an Osprey flew over and scattered all the  

Nothing at Buryinghill Beach!

On the way home, I stopped at Long Beach in Stratford.....50 Gulls  
nothing unusual, a small group of Lesser Scaup feeding along the beach  
at the western-most end of the parking lot.

Russian Beach- nothing!

Back to Oyster River- 3 Ring-billed Gulls

Bradley Point- large flock of Brant, handful of Gulls- nothing unusual.

Boat ramp- 36 Gulls- nothing unusual.....NO THAYER'S!! :^(

Back home......steamed codfish, fresh asparagus, salad and fresh Peru Mango!!

This afternoon the tide and wind should be good for Oyster  
River......Good Luck!

I have a feeling at least one of those Mew Gulls are still hanging around!

Keith Mueller

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