[CT Birds] Hawk Food

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Anyone got a Broadwing I can borrow????

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Are you sure they are eating worms? A few years ago our resident pair of 
Broad-wings would sit in our trees, staring at the ground. Then, one would 
pounce down to the ground. What were they getting? Then, once, one had to 
sort of hit twice before coming up with ... a mole! Moles had been the bane 
of our life (lawn?). Those Broad-wings really put a dent in our mole 
population, to the point where they are no longer a problem. Go Broad-wings!

Joe Zygala
South Salem, NY

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> Local Broad-winged Hawk is on our front lawn right now (7 p.m.) catching 
> and downing earthworms. We saw the same behavior yesterday evening with a 
> Red-shouldered Hawk at the E. Haddam Senior Center. Instead of competing 
> with robins for food, why don’t they just eat the robins? The earthworms 
> would be predigested.
> Rob Mirer
> Moodus
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