[CT Birds] Rhode Island Swallow-tailed Kites

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Just posted this on the RI listserve - 

Saw 3 different Swallow-tailed Kites at Hope Valley this morning (4/24), though only briefly.  I was at the URE Outfitter parking lot and other birders were at Mill Street.  The first bird appeared high in the sky to the SW of the URE Outfitter spot at about 9:40.  While watching that bird I called the birders at Mill St. and they said they had a pair low over the Mill St. site.  My bird disappeared to the SW, and I quickly drove over to Mill St. at which point 2 birds flew low directly overhead.  Amazing views!  We watched that pair gain altitude and join up with 2 Red-tailed Hawks.  All birds continued to gain altitude and eventually disappeared into the blue sky by 9:45, generally heading to the South.  I worry that this activity suggested that they could have moved out of the area, but hopefully they were just stretching their wings and will be back.     
Also had a Raven in the area.     
For >20 years I've had a goal of amassing 2,000 total ticks in New England, which is the sum of my state lists in the 6 New England states.  The Kites were #1,999 - just 1 more to go. 

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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This doesn't seem to have made news, but since it is close to CT and right of
I-95 it may be of interest, especially since STKI, as regular as they are, do
not seem to be chaseable. Present for their second day. No news today either way
as far as I know, 
>From the RI list yesterday:
The previously reported
Swallow-tailed Kites over URE Outfitters in Hope

Valley continue at 2:00pm.
They were circling and staying just above the

trees,  so I think there's a
chance they'll be around for a couple more


 Julian Hough
New Haven, CT
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