[CT Birds] Birding 4/25/15

Lisa Gagnon lisa.gagnon45 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 18:23:42 EDT 2015

Lisa G with my mom, Stafford Springs Traveling around, the group of yellow
rumps and Palm warblers moved along from where they were hanging out on one
of my roads, they were there most of the week. Only heard and seen 3. Lots
of golden crowned and ruby crowned kinglets singing. At home juncos are
slowly decreasing in numbers, white throated sparrows have left, had a
singing blue headed vireo this a.m but has moved on. Still waiting on my
hummingbirds especially my buddys Ruby and Red. Those 2 males spend so much
time chasing each other I wonder how much food they manage to store in
those tiny bellies. I'm prepared again this year and have the feeder ready.
One year I wasn't ready and Ruby buzzed me so close it felt like he pulled
my hair lol....

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