[CT Birds] Glossy Ibis, American Kestrel and more in Shelton

Ian Devlin captain_ian at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 21:32:16 EDT 2015

While fishing today on the Housatonic River between Derby, Shelton, and Stratford, I saw:

1- American Kestrel
5- Glossy Ibis
1- Bald Eagle (immature)
16- Osprey
2- Peregrine Falcon
9- Turkey Vultures
3- Black Vultures
5- Red tailed Hawks
3- Great Egrets
2- Great Blue Herons
7- Black crowned Night Herons
30 or so- Double crested Cormorants
12-15 Rough winged Swallows
20 or so Tree Swallows
4- Barn Swallows
1- Common Loon
1- Red throated Loon
5- Common Mergansers (females)

Heard, but not seen:

American Goldfinch
Song Sparrow

Capt. Ian Devlin
East Norwalk, CT

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