[CT Birds] Ossipee, NH

Erica Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 29 11:36:54 EDT 2015

I'm up in NH attending a Lutheran women's retreat at Camp Calumet.  Since arriving yesterday morning I've hiked several trails, as well as the beach on Ossipee Lake.  All the birds we started seeing 2 weeks ago are finally up here; ruby crowned and golden crowned kinglets, Palm, Pine and yellow rumped warblers.  The juncoes are here in the hundreds, as are white throats.  Pine warblers outnumber the other two warblers 10 to 1.  Local birds such as red breasted nuthatch and ravens are also in good numbers.  I followed the sound of a Piliated woodpecker calling and drumming on a trail about 1,000 ft above the lake.  I never saw him but saw fresh evidence of holes being excavated in oaks and beech trees.  Even though it's probably too early for them here I was keeping an ear out for Swainson's thrush and Veery's. Perhaps an early one will arrive befor I leave tomorrow afternoon.  

On a good note, iceout was only last Monday on the lake and the loons are back.  When I get back here in the fall I hope to see evidence of a successful nesting year.

Ricki Soucy
Temporarily from Ossipee, NH
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