[CT Birds] FOY Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 06:18:58 EDT 2015

Good morning,

Very nice surprise when I got home from work yesterday - my FOY Ruby
Throated Hummingbird stopped by. I had put the feeder out the afternoon
before. I went out on my deck to clean out the birdbath and refill it and
got buzzed. At first I thought it was a bee and then I was hoping it was
the RTH! I turned around and it flew right to the feeder! Very exciting and

I've also had a gathering of Chipping Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Cardinals,
Titmice, Chicadees, Carolina Wrens, and sad to say, I have not seen any
Juncos for about a week. Guess they went home!

Jeri Duefrene

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