[CT Birds] one-legged turkey update

wirthwitte at att.net wirthwitte at att.net
Fri May 1 08:46:41 EDT 2015

My one and a half legged turkey hen continues to visit my bird feeder, alone or with one or two other hens she hangs with. They usually stop by between 8-10 am and again around 5 pm to load up on sunflower seeds. 
She has learned to fly to cover a lot of distance quickly. In the evening, I saw a big bird flying low over the auto repair shop parking lot across the street to my yard.  I thought, "What is the Osprey doing flying so low?" Then "Vulture" flashed in my brain. But it was my one-legged turkey.  Can't be easy landing on her stump. Later, out the back window, I saw her fly about 20 feet off the ground down the hill and around the edge of the woods, towards the water company property which may be their roosting grounds.  Another day she flew from my feeder area and over the privacy fence towards the back woods.  She negotiated a 4' space between a crab apple tree and the garage. Go Stumpy!
I also have a magnificent, iridescent dinosaur-like male turkey who has now zeroed in on one hen to stalk.  First she appears, then he follows at a distance, displaying off and on. Nice.
Winie Wirth, Milford

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