[CT Birds] Just a quick comment on Bird behavior here.

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Fri May 1 22:27:42 EDT 2015

Birds show so much pair Dedication while in the breeding season, and we humans could sure learn a thing or too from the birds. 
I have a pair of White -b-Nuthatch nesting in a bird box on a big Maple tree trunk here in my yard, and I watch them often when outside. The female is usually inside on their eggs, and the male is always near by protecting her and their home. He will often come to the hole with a morsel, and when she appears, he gives his Yank Yank call while he shoves the morsel into her bill.   That's Dedication...
Also, whenever a critter comes near the tree, including me, a Hawk, other birds or a Squirrel, He will quickly appear and Yank Yank his warning at us while we are near their box, and I'm sure also telling Her what's going on outside. That's Dedication...
All of nature seems to have their given roles to follow, and they seem to all do it without questions, judgments or praise. I would call this love and personal Dedication. Yes?
Paul Carrier - Harwinton    

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