[CT Birds] Smith's Longspur viewing info and directions

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 Allens Meadow is the most active soccer field in town.  On Saturday 
mornings there are practices and games which take up most of the day. 
Parking nearest the garden area is at a premium.  Only gardeners are allowed 
to park.within the garden area.The solution is to go earlier than you were 
planning and good luck when you do!

Mike Warner
Wilton Ct.

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> Thanks to Bruce for a great find and having the gumption to broadcast news 
> quickly to allow others to get there before dark.
> ***Please see my note below about where the first visitors should watch 
> from tomorrow.
> Once you enter Allen's Meadow from Rt 7 north, the paved road ends shortly 
> and you make a left that takes you to a large parking area. Bear right 
> into this area, with the soccer pitch on your right, and park at the end. 
> There is a rope across the path at the end of this parking area. Beyond 
> this is a grassy and gravel area with a number of white goalposts stacked 
> against the hedge on the left.
> The bird was seen feeding on the short grassy area adjacent to the 
> goalposts, and although disturbed by referees' whistles from the 
> surrounding game, it would always return to this spot where it fed 
> actively.
> It seems quite confiding and with good fieldcraft, excellent views can be 
> obtained.
> To enable the bird to continue to use this area, I would suggest looking 
> from the roped-off area and avoid venturing further down the path.
> The bird is an adult male coming into breeding plumage and is a 
> well-marked bird. It was seen up until dark when it was heard to call and 
> apparently moved into the taller grass and weedy area behind the 
> goalposts, presumably to roost.
> I will post pictures to my blog later tonight.
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