[CT Birds] Migrants 5/1-5/2/15

Lisa Gagnon lisa.gagnon45 at gmail.com
Sat May 2 16:39:59 EDT 2015

Lisa G Stafford Springs... Ride around town on Friday produced some palm
and yellow rumped warblers still in good numbers on one of the back roads I
frequently drive on.    And one male hummingbird at home... Today 5-2. A.m
arrivals at home for the yard, ovenbird, black and white warblers, 1 female
hummingbird, 2 males ( Ruby and Red) and no time has been wasted chasing
and antagonizing... Blue headed vireos. Some morning loving this a m.  It
was so cute pair of cardinals he was feeding her, a pair of downy
woodpeckers doing a little hide and seek on a branch, blue jay feeding his
girlfriend and robins are still getting there nest ready... Ride around
town heard a lot of towhees, still good group of Palm and yellow rumps,
Brown creepers, hairy woodpecker, wood thrush, and northern water thrush.
Waiting to see what Sunday 5-3 brings... I miss my catbirds.

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