[CT Birds] Riverbound Farm

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Sun May 3 12:29:00 EDT 2015

 Did a quick circuit of Riverbound Farm in Cheshire this morning, after a great walk with Corrie Folsom O'Keefe over to Hanover Pond and the Q-Trail, in Meriden.  Due to the fact there is always noise and trucks from the Whole Foods Warehouse and the various greenhouse/farms that now come right down to the Quinnepiac River, birding is often hit or miss.  Today was "OK", with Red Bellied woodpeckers and a male Flicker, a Blue Heron in the Q, and FOY Warbling Vireo and several Yellow warblers and a Black Throated Blue, in the Butterfly Garden.  The Tree swallows are back, out the Bluebird boxes.  This was my first run over there since last fall and as it's a pleasure to take that 30 minute walk around the property.  There are a lot of deer around that area also, and I noticed extensive damage to the plantings around the farmhouse and the paths.  While I was there, had 4 does run ahead of me, one very pregnant, down the main trail.  
Ricki SoucyMeriden

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