[CT Birds] What a day in my yard while gardening.....

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Sun May 3 19:03:46 EDT 2015

Spent the day-8 hrs- gardening in yard, but was birding as I went along. hear is what I saw and heard.Common stuff I will not report, only the good stuff.4 Purple Finch - feederstill here - 2 W T Sparrow and 3 Junco.-feeder1 Siskin in with 6 Goldfinch-feeder1 singing Red b Nuthatch - have nested here back in the 90's.1 S Tanager2 Yellow rump Warbs1 Magnolia2 Black & White1 Pine Warb1 Blue h Vireo1 Phoebe2 Kingbird - others seen this bird yet?Yellow b Sapsucker back-they nest here4 Broadwing Hawk1 VERY high pos dk form Rough L Hawk going north. 50% sure. First thought an Eagle.
1 Lincoln's Sp in with my 2 Songs! Late!So this was a birding day for me as well as Gardening
Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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