[CT Birds] Court St Eagles

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sun May 3 19:43:49 EDT 2015

I had originally planned on spending a good portion of the day at Sherwoood Island but don't like the idea of paying to park the car so I u turned at the toll house and headed to the Audubon @Milford.  Passing the eagle nest as it turned out the female was preening with the male securing the nest ... at 10:50 I opted to stop with very good light to capture any captures.

The female eventually returned to the nest chasing the male off. From my vantage point she appeared to be feeding one baby possibly 2.  
There are so many rumors that there are 3 eggs then one with no confirmation on any of this. Possibly DEEP has put a helo or a drone to see but again all speculation. 

With limited knowledge and visible access my thinking is she was feeding one lone baby. 
I also learned that new borne eagles don't see very well and it's nest vibrations that alert them to food ... any help would be appreciated. 

There's also rumors that one of the eagles took a night heron with pictures.

This pair is still fascinating parents who are stopping with their children who seem even more thrilled along with several senior citizens who saw their 1st eagles of their lives today.

It should be very cool once these guys starting growing up for all those who are interested.

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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