[CT Birds] American Kestrel

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Sun May 3 20:39:30 EDT 2015

West Hartford backyard: Early evening dusk, watching various birds flitting
and calling, I saw a silhouette of a bird flying closely over my head.
Looked just like a mourning dove, of which we have many, similar size,
slightly swept back wings, straightish narrow tail.. Then it flew around in
circles making a loud, sort of chirping cry, but more piercing like a
raptor.  I couldn't imagine what it was.  It was answered by another a few
yards down.

I checked my Sibley's app for American Kestrel  and heard the calls of the
male -- that is what I heard!  Hope it's here tomorrow, I haven't seen a
kestrel for a long time.

Kat Kuckens

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