[CT Birds] Old Lyme - Marbled Godwit report

Russ Smiley arsmiley at comcast.net
Sun May 3 22:06:56 EDT 2015

Smith Neck Road Boat Ramp, Old Lyme, CT, Sunday 3 May 2015: Tonight, upon my
return from a weekend away, I read a message from a friend of mine who is an
occasional birder. He wrote that he had seen a MARBLED GODWIT at the boat
launch this morning. He wrote ".I heard a racket above me and it landed just
on the other side of the boat launch in the dead marsh grass.  It stayed
there long enough for me to look at it quite a while, look at my Petersons,
and then look at it again." That's all I know about it. Perhaps someone can
look tomorrow morning.

Russ Smiley

Marlborough, CT



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