[CT Birds] Tarrywile

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Wed May 6 16:57:19 EDT 2015

Bobolinks are back. More in numbers than any year that I've been following birds. The main hay field was loaded when the birds flew it created a very cool pattern against the sky. Many other birds present today both orioles, blue birds,  tree swallows seem to have calmed down, many variations of sparrows,  yellow warbler (only warbler I saw) thrashers,  cardinals seeking mates ... FOY red wing black birds, I believe several eastern king birds, and a few others that I need to look up. One of the better days at Tarrywile in Danbury.

Very poor light with the high overcast skies for getting proper exposure tomorrow should be better with hopefully blue skies.

Can someone give me directions to the preserve in Darien. From the last post it sounds like a very good spot to check out.

I'm in New Milford just general location thanks.

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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