[CT Birds] East and West Rock

Jim Pfeifer Jim.Pfeifer at erm.com
Wed May 6 19:31:47 EDT 2015

Had to pick up my daughter from school in New Haven today, so stopped by both Rocks to see what was about.

East Rock - 12:40-1:50, Below the Giant Steps:  saw the NH Bird Club winding down their day.  Wood thrush, 1 Magnolia Warbler, 2 Worm-eating, 5 YRW, 3 B&W Warbler 1 Red eyed Vireo, 7 catbirds, 1 Redstart, 1 Gnat Catcher, 1 Scarlet Tanager (and it was of the orangish variation; I did not see any color on the wings, but the bird was definitely different), 1 Osprey (soaring) among usual stuff.

West Rock main entrance up red trail - 2:30-4:00:  1 Canada Warbler, 2 Parula, 1 Magnolia, 1 Redstart, 2 B&W Warbler, 5 YRW, 2 red-eyed Vireo, 5 Catbirds, 1 GC Flycatcher, 6 Turkey Vultures, 2 RTH, among usual stuff

Will be posted on ebird.



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