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Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed May 6 20:26:08 EDT 2015

​5/6  Milford,  10am-1PM, low tide, rising  57F
At the Purple Martin condo, at least 20 Purple martins (conservative
estimate) flying about, and occupying gourds.  Females were in the gourds
and males sitting on top or on the perches.
At one point, a female Purple Martin tried to enter the wrong gourd and was
pecked at and head pulled by the female in residence.  The Purple Martin
cam (Gazebo Phil) should be up and running in a few days.
Our ospreys are doing well.  Male was consuming a fish on the grass, and
flying around, while female remained on 3 eggs.
On the marsh- at least 500  Brant, about 100+ "peeps"-too far out to
Great Egrets, Snowy egrets, 1 mallard, 8 D.C. Cormorants,  and another
osprey nest on the far end of the marsh.  Plus 4 yellow crowned night
herons on the far east end of the marsh, as I was driving to leave.
On grounds-Mourning dove adult with a juvenile(looked to be right out of
the nest) following the adult on the ground, Common grackles, Red winged
blackbirds, Song sparrows, Tree swallows, Mockingbird, Robins, 1 hen Turkey.
And lots of class activity and visitors.
Bev Propen, orange

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