[CT Birds] Arrivals - what a week!

Angela Dimmitt angeladimmitt at aol.com
Wed May 6 22:37:16 EDT 2015

>From Angela Dimmitt
5/4 - New Milford yard - FOY Yellow-rumped warbler, ovenbird, northern parula, black-throated green warbler, Baltimore oriole, catbird.  And still 2 pine siskins, 2 female purple finches
5/5 - NM yard - FOY blue-winged warbler, rose-breasted grosbeak, yellow-throated vireo;  I tom turkey.  6:30 PM indigo bunting at feeder, 7:45 PM wood thrush singing - bliss!
5/6 - NM yard - 5:15 AM - FOY veery, catbird chorus;  2 male indigo buntings, pair of grosbeaks, pair of towhees, pair of hummingbirds;  active pair of pileated woodpeckers; 1 pine siskin, I hen turkey.

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