[CT Birds] Nehatic State Forest Lyme, 5/8/15

David Provencher provedf at comcast.net
Fri May 8 15:33:09 EDT 2015

Hiked 6+ miles and birded as I went. Most notable was Yellow-billed Cuckoo
heard south of Keeney Marsh. First of year but this forest is a good place
to find Yellow-billed. 14 species of warbler but only migrant species was 2
Northern Parula. Had FOY Hooded Warbler on traditional territory and 2
Cerulean Warbler males on their traditional territories. Many Wood Thrush
and a few Veerys on territory now. Dan Rottino, Least Flycatchers are
finally in at Hartman Park in Lyme.


Several days ago while travelling through Norwich city, I was watching the
Chimney Swift display when I spotted a Broad-winged Hawk flying low across
the rooflines. It appeared to be hunting, (I know they do a great deal of
their hunting while perched) which quite surprised me. There are a fair
number of trees where the bird was but certainly nothing remotely like
forest interior. I last saw it dive towards the ground between buildings.


Dave Provencher

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