[CT Birds] Donnelly Preserve South Windsor

Dan Drega federal3t22 at yahoo.com
Fri May 8 17:25:59 EDT 2015

Decided to head down to the Major Michael Donnelly Land Preserve on Sullivan Ave in South Windsor late this morning to see what was around as my Vernon backyard which had been a hotspot for migrants over the past 7 years cooled off this year and was glad I did. Only had 35 species do to the time of day (arrived at 11:30 am stayed until about 1:30 pm) and the 90 degree heat. Best birds of the day were a calling Black-billed Cuckoo in the woods past the elevated observation platform, and a Chestnut-sided Warbler in the old orchard/meadow both 1st's I've had in the preserve.  Great Blue Heron (flyover)Red-shouldered Hawk (heard)Mourning Dove Black-billed Cuckoo (heard)Northern FlickerRed-Bellied WoodpeckerEastern KingbirdGreat Crested FlycatcherTree Swallow (many)Blue JayBlack-capped ChickadeeHouse WrenBlue-gray GnatcatcherAmerican RobinWood Thrush (I need this after not seeing or hearing one last year)Northern ParulaYellow Warbler (many)Blue-winged WarblerYellow-rumped WablerChestnut-sided WarblerBlack-throated Green WarblerPine WarblerCommon YellowthroatOvenbirdScarlet TanagerRed-winged BlackbirdCommon GrackleNorthern CardinalRose-breasted GrosbeakEastern TowheeSong Sparrow
Dan Drega

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