[CT Birds] Siskins

Tricia Reid reidtri at gmail.com
Sat May 9 18:11:07 EDT 2015

Like Kathy, I still have a few siskins coming my feeders along with the
goldfinches. I have a pair of catbirds who are facing off frequently with a
male Baltimore Oriole at the suet block outside my kitchen window.
Yesterday I had a new yard bird and a FOY for me, a male Indigo Bunting
ground feeding with the mixed sparrow flock several times during the day. I
still have one lone White-throat mixed in with the other sparrows and the
chippers have started coming to the hanging feeder by the kitchen, too.
Both male and female hummers are very active at the nectar.

Tricia Reid
​, Mansfield Center​
reidtri at gmail.com

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