[CT Birds] A warbler's song, calls of flycatchers at Nehantic Trail (Pachaug State Forest / Griswold)

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sun May 10 05:12:40 EDT 2015

To contribute towards Global Big Day I refilled the feeder because titmice and cardinals are just as busy now as during the bleakest times of winter.  Following this I left for an easy afternoon to a pond and instead had what was a challenging  time keeping up with warblers and flycatchers found in a mixed flock moving southward of Nehantic Trail in Pachaug State Forest where I was waiting, my attempts to approach this flock having been met with awkward silence.  The refrain for this flock was a rising triple scale set belonging to pine warblers.  This was the only song around calls of flycatchers, towhees, overnbirds, robins, some orioles and tanagers along with nuthatches and titmice.  Today was another large turnout here of red-bellied woodpeckers with an increase of the number of red-eyed vireos.
Brian Williams      Griswold

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