[CT Birds] Sterling yard / Quinebaug Fish Hatchery

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Sun May 10 20:19:25 EDT 2015

>From Robert Dixon
5/10/15 - Sterling yard - 57 species - Highlights - flyover GREEN HERON, INDIGO BUNTING (1m), EASTERN WHIP-POOR-WILL (calling at 12:08 am & 4:30 am), BARRED OWL (heard with the whip) and ORCHARD ORIOLE (1m).

Central Village, Quinebaug Fish Hatchery - with Linda Dixon and Doug Warner - 59 species - BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO, WHITE-EYED VIREO, ORCHARD ORIOLE (4m / 2f), GREEN HERON (4), EASTERN KINGBIRD (5), SPOTTED SANDPIPER (2), SCARLET TANAGER (2m), WOOD THRUSH (2), LEAST SANDPIPER and a surprise MERLIN that teed up over the new pond for great looks.

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