Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Sun May 10 21:41:22 EDT 2015

5/10/15:  In the Menunketesuck River Marsh: one, and possibly two,
WHITE-FACED IBIS.  Seen via kayak.  Here's what happened and what we saw:  A
Red-tailed Hawk swooped down at birds that were at the east end of the
marsh.  Several Greater Yellowlegs and a Snowy Egret took flight and circled
over the marsh and then dropped back down into the marsh.  Two Ibis flew up
from there and flew west over the river (and us) and then flew on and landed
at the west end of the marsh. As the pair of ibis flew toward us, I focused
on the lead bird and was immediately struck by the bright white line of
feathers that completely encircled the face of the bird, from side to side
and over the top.  The bill was large and pale gray from base to tip.  As
they flew by, I focused on the legs of the bird and noted them to be reddish
in color.  I didn't have a chance to study the second bird to determine if
it was a Glossy Ibis or a second White-faced Ibis.  This marsh is near Duck
Island, where ibis (and herons and egrets) nest.  It is possible that a pair
of White-faced Ibis will breed on the island this year, or that a single
bird will mate with a Glossy Ibis.  There was at least one White-faced Ibis
seen at Hammonasset last summer (just a few miles from the Menunketesuck
marsh and Duck Island), so attempted (or successful) breeding is possible.
The marsh is visible from the Salt Meadow Unit, so observations from land
are possible. 

Good luck if you go!


Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey, 


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