[CT Birds] Swantown Hill Road this morning-Cerulean warbler heard

Tom and Dorothy Wadlow joyant at att.net
Mon May 11 11:11:06 EDT 2015


Swantown Hill Road off of Route 2 in North Stonington was full of good birds
this morning.  I went to see if the hooded warblers had returned.  They
have.  But the biggest surprise was that I heard a CERULEAN WARBLER.  It was
well back in the forest behind some pines and frustratingly I couldn't
manage to see it.  I did have my iphone so confirmed the song on the Sibley
app.  Also of note:  worm-eating, pine, blue-winged warblers, and Acadian
flycatchers.  The entire list will be on ebird.


I first visited this spot more than 10 years ago with Bob Dewire and try to
visit every spring.  Bob told me that ceruleans used to nest there, but I
have never heard or seen one there.  Has anyone else?  I hope they will
become regular at this location again.


Dorothy Wadlow

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