[CT Birds] Barred Owl and Hummingbird behaviour

Christine Margaret Marsh Rijssenbeek marshrijssenbeek at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 20:39:47 EDT 2015

 Large Barred Owl, "Lighter adult" according to Sibley Field Guide. Seen late this morning next to the Little River, Redding Land Trust trail off John Read Road.  I watched it for 20+ minutes on three different perches.  It was easy to track as it was being harassed by two Blue Jays and a Grackle. It sat placidly, seemed not to be agitated by the squawking.
Also, on my home hummingbird feeder, the male Ruby Throated did his fast swooping, dipping flight backward and forward many times. I watched him do this last spring. Is this territorial or mating behavior, or both?    
Thanks everyone. Christine Marsh-Rijssenbeek, Redding CT

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