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Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Tue May 12 19:57:15 EDT 2015

Can anybody with eagle nesting knowledge add their thoughts to my observations.

Am I wrong to assume that if there are babies in the nest (which I will) at least from the only clear vantage point the bird on the nest has appeared to be feeding something and rumor has the chick's maybe a week to 10 days old. How anyone knows a real number well I guess that's up for speculation. 

My understanding is that the babies are voracious eaters and basically that's all they do ... eat & sleep and going from research the chicks gain nearly a pound per week.

Having put in nearly 8 hours watching the nest over the past few days I've noticed what appears odd behavior.  Allow me. Friday if I recall nearly 5 hours the female if reports are correct the male hasn't quite reached full maturity was sitting on the nest with no mate showing thereby bringing no food. Only after 4 hours did she fly off the nest I assume to stretch her wings ... perch & preen then return with better than another hour passing alone.

To me this seems odd/off behavior.  Today with over 3 hours I found the male alone on the nest. Remember people have him not quite mature his head & tail are not pure white possibly people have the 2 confused ... anyway for roughly 1/2 hour there was no mate. Then the female who must have been perched in a tree popped up to the nest. Assuming the 2 adults would change places it wasn't a minute that she took off. Diving low we thought she went to hunt. We were fooled she evidently went back to her perch. Where for over 2 hours she just sat. Finally she popped back up ... made a few house keeping moves then left again. 

So with 8 plus hours no sign of food being brought to the nest and providing the id's of the birds is correct the male either doesn't know how to provide food and why is the female leaving him alone so much while not going after food herself.

All I can by is reading & eagle cams who have successfully fledged chick's this season the action here seems off to one degree or another. 

Thanks ... dispute the lack of action several great flying in shots  ... the leaves are filling in still decent captures can be had and today wind gusts were truly swaying the nest to the concerns of others .... oh may God what if it falls ... it falls and dial 911 & hope that MPD knows who to call.

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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