[CT Birds] Swifts, swallows, songbirds + a return of finches on the Quinnebaug River (Jewett City)

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Wed May 13 21:42:29 EDT 2015

Tonight when birdcounting along the Quinnebaug River in downtown Jewett City upwards of thirty chimney swifts were flying together at the last light of day and an equal number of tree swallows with northern rough-winged swallows making an appearance as well.  Dozens of house finches and some purple finches make this an evening unlike any in over ten years for species once seemingly always nearby.  They were all robust.  Fifty yellow warblers sang through sunset and the mayflies are so thick I'm certain they were being inhaled.  Dozens of gray catbirds, somewhat fewer goldfinches, phoebes, and robins.  A handful of starlings, pigeons, mourning doves, and house sparrows were present and flyovers included two ospreys and three great blue herons.
Brian Williams   

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