[CT Birds] East Rock Wilson's (3), West Rock Blackburnian +

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 15:10:32 EDT 2015

 From Mark Scott: 5/15/15 -- East Rock Park, New Haven -- among the 16 warbler species observed today, at least two Wilson's along the river path and another one at the base of the Giant Steps. Willow flycatcher and magnolia, Nashville and Canada warblers along the river; Canada and magnolia warblers at the stone bridge on Trowbridge Drive. Swainson's thrush seen and heard singing on Giant Steps; veery heard singing at the overlook above the river path.
West Rock Ridge State Park, Hamden -- individual Blackburnian and magnolia warblers in with larger numbers of American redstarts, ovenbirds, Northern parulas and other species. Observed on the way up Baldwin Drive (closed to motor vehicles; access is on foot or bicycle) from the Wintergreen Avenue entrance; birds were concentrated along the last switchback before the road levels out on the ridge.
Marginal Drive, West Haven -- willow flycatcher (has nested there)
Yard, New Haven -- chestnut-sided warbler

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