[CT Birds] Meriden backyard

Ricki Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Sun May 17 08:24:53 EDT 2015

 Due to the fact I was too damn lazy to get up this morning, I missed the Quinnepiac "road trip" to a couple of good birding sites in the Meriden area.  But considering I've had pretty good birding right in my back yard since 6:45, I won't complain.  There have been a succession of Black Pole warbers, which were initially heard by my husband, already in the garden. ( "Hey hon, there's a squeaky sounding bird out here".)  Plus I'm having a great time watching our backyard catbirds building their nest right outside our bedroom window, in the regosa roses, as well as the backyard robins building in the grape vine at the top of the yard.  
I'll be taking my husband's Little Brother to Riverbound Farm to see the Animal Show being presented at 12:30.  I hope to see some of you from CT Bird while I'm there.  Come up and say hi.
Ricki SoucyMeriden

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