[CT Birds] 22 Warbler species SE CT

David Provencher provedf at comcast.net
Sun May 17 17:27:23 EDT 2015

Dedicated most of today to searching for warblers. 10 miles of walking in
three areas, the powerline cut behind my place in Norwich, Nehantic State
forest East Lyme unit, and Nehantic State forest Lyme Unit. A lot of work
but turned up 22 warbler species. Notable birds today, Acadian Flycatcher
(1), Black-billed Cuckoo (1), Yellow-billed Cuckoo (5), White-eyed Vireo
(3), Blackpoll Warbler (3), Nashville Warbler (1), Blackburnian Warbler (1),
Northern Parula (3), Canada Warbler (8), Magnolia Warbler (6),
Black-throated Blue Warbler (2), Indigo Bunting (8), Lincoln Sparrow (1) 


Dave Provencher

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